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The Battle of the Website Builders: Wix, Weebly, and WordPress; an Overview

by | Oct 29, 2020

I’ve been building websites for clients for years nowand one of the most common questions I’m asked by clients is which website builder is the best to use. This is a little subjective, and it depends on what you are attempting to accomplish with your own website.

I’ll usually ask my clients that very question. Still, I hope that by writing this article, I can help eliminate that question for my clients to streamline the website building process for everyone and provide more education for those that are just getting started with their online presence.

Let’s start with Wix

Wix is a simple website builder used to create a great and eye-catching website with little difficulty. Wix uses a simple drag-and-drop method for you to build your website on top of a predetermined template. Wix is the easiest to use for beginners or sole proprietor businesses, such as bloggers. It is quick to get started and easy to maintain without being overly time-consuming if updates are needed. You can adjust images, videos, and text just by dragging and dropping them where you need them to go.

What about Weebly?

Weebly is also a simple website builder that uses the drag-and-drop method; however, it has a niche that Wix does not. That niche is small businesses. Weebly has incorporated a simple system to use tools that allow small business owners to scale their online presence alongside their small businesses. Therefore, as your small business grows, your website can quickly grow alongside it without spending tens or hundreds of man-hours.

Finally, WordPress

WordPress is different from both Wix and Weebly and offers website creators a wide variety of online presence options that they simply do not get from Wix or Weebly. That is because WordPress is a self-hosted, or open-source, Content Management System (CMS). What this means for clients is that they will be responsible for all the coding and sourcing of a host for their website. WordPress is widely used by many large corporations, such as BBC America, Sony Music, and The Walt Disney Company. Just because those large corporations use WordPress does not mean that a small business cannot, though; there are just a few different things to consider.

WordPress does have a drag and drop format that can be used by individually managed websites. However, if you want to provide the best user experience and have a beautiful website for users to interact with, some level of coding will be necessary. Although that may not be true at the start of a WordPress website, it usually becomes the case as your scale your website and online presence. The large corporations that use WordPress can afford a full Information Technology (IT) team to build and maintain their websites. However, even a small business with some good tech know-how or a good website builder on retainer can maintain a beautiful and functional WordPress website.

The final say

I usually recommend WordPress to my clients, as it is easy to grow the website as you grow your online presence. Once a good WordPress website has been built, it is not difficult to maintain, with the right knowledge and professional assistance. WordPress has a variety of plug-ins for things like blogging, e-commerce, etc. Wix or Weebly is an excellent place to get started on your own, but as many of my clients have discovered, they are quickly outgrown as they scale their business to meet a greater need and demand.

WordPress offers the most variety and versatility, despite the tech learning curve that is associated with it. Whether it be for blogging, e-commerce, or marketing, WordPress offers versatility, reliability, and, most importantly, scaling for growth.


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