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Who I Am

Hello! My name is Jim Sparks. I’m a seasoned professional Scrum Master and Kanban trainer dedicated to helping teams achieve excellence in their product delivery journey. With years of experience and a passion for coaching, I’ve cultivated a deep understanding of the Scrum and Kanban ways of working. I am a huge proponent of scientific thinking and a continuous improvement culture.

I offer a very pragmatic and genuine approach that is rooted in delivering value and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. I won’t be the one holding your hand and telling you what you want to hear. I believe in going beyond the buzzwords and focusing on what truly matters – getting customer feedback and optimizing the delivery process to exceed expectations.

I’ve worked with teams and organizations from start-up size to upwards of 55,000 global associates. I’ve supported multiple teams that are distributed around the world. I offer public and private training in Kanban and Agile Kata. I make it my mission to equip teams with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Back in the real world, I’m a fan of Marvel comics and enjoy exploring the magical world of Harry Potter. At times, it feels as if I have an entire zoo living in my home. My family is my rock on which I lean at all times. Yes, they drive me crazy, but I do my best to return the favor. The beach is my happy place and I do so love me some pirates. Yes, aaaarggggh, pirates.

“Jim is a dedicated Scrum Master, always focused on making sure that the teams he facilitates are empowered to reach their goals while gently pushing them to strive for new heights. While working on a team where Jim was the Scrum Master, I was impressed by his willingness to try new things and eagerness to learn from the experiences of others. He was fiercely loyal to his teams while also holding them to the highest possible standards. I would happily work with Jim again on any team he facilitates!”

Kristopher Hatcher | Technical Team Lead

What I Do

Hello! My name is Jim Sparks. I’m a seasoned professional Scrum Master and Kanban trainer dedicated to helping teams achieve excellence in their product delivery journey. With years of experience and a passion for coaching, I’ve cultivated a deep understanding of the Lean, XP, Scrum, and Kanban ways of working.

Build High-Performing Teams

In the realm of product delivery, there’s no room for sugar-coating. As your no-nonsense coach, I tackle your team’s pain points head-on, offering pragmatic solutions for real results. Through targeted coaching, hands-on guidance, and collaborative effort, we’ll unleash your team’s full potential, driving tangible outcomes at a sustainable pace.

Train Value Delivery Leaders

Step into practical excellence with these training courses, designed to empower teams and their leaders. Addressing common pain points like a lack of focus and delayed delivery, these programs provide actionable strategies for real-world results so that leaders can support their teams effectively, fostering collaboration and accelerating delivery.

Coach Continuous Improvement

In the journey towards continuous improvement, I provide practical coaching to break down barriers hindering teams’ success. By fostering growth and excellence, leaders empower enhanced collaboration, streamlined processes, and a path to true high performance. Let’s start your journey to sustainable improvement.

Success Stories

It’s not just me. See what others have to say about working or training with me. Discover firsthand accounts of how my professional training courses have empowered individuals and organizations to thrive in the world of agile methodologies. Read the success stories from satisfied learners and be inspired to embark on your own journey towards agile excellence.

"I really, really enjoyed the ASPK class"

Jim's enthusiasm for the topic is evident in the passion and excitement he puts into teaching it...this wasn't a "read the slides and take a test" aim in signing up for the class was to boost my confidence in scaling Kanban. Jim did everything he could to ensure I had that confidence and I am so grateful!

Joanna Doyle

 5/5

"The APK course gives real understanding of Kanban system concepts in an actionable way"

The course provided a solid yet easy-to-understand approach to the core metrics and ideas of Kanban. I'm excited to put these into practice immediately with my teams...Jim was easygoing, kept a good pace, shared easy-to-understand concepts, and provided great real-world examples to keep these concepts fresh in my memory.

Colin Robinson

 5/5

"I enjoyed the class and Jim as our instructor"

Jim was great. He was able to adapt the material to our class size and customize the content to account for active participation in a small group setting...the pace of the class was great...Jim was very personable and accommodating and took the time to drill down into the topics participants were interested in. Thanks for a great 3 days

Pete Baily

 5/5

"I'd recommend it to anyone wrestling with the challenges of scaling in their workplace."

Jim was knowledgeable, engaging and efficient in delivering the learning in an interactive way with good humour and lots of real world examples. He adjusted the course smoothly and effectively to a slightly smaller audience than usual.

Stuart Perry

 5/5

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