Empowering Agile Leadership

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With a rich background in agile methodologies and leadership, I bring over 30 years of experience to help organizations transform and thrive. My approach integrates proven strategies with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and human-centered leadership.

Empowering Agile Leadership

Discover the unique blend of energy, expertise, and effective methodologies that I bring to each coaching and training session. Dressed in business casual, I stand ready to guide your team with positivity and a deep understanding of agile principles.

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Agile Coaching

Enhance your team’s agility with our expert coaching services, tailored to instill robust agile practices that drive productivity and innovation.


Professional Training

Dive into our comprehensive training programs, including certified courses in Kanban and Agile methodologies, designed for both public and private settings.


Leadership Development

Empower your leaders with our leadership development programs that focus on creating servant leaders who can inspire and facilitate high-performing teams.


Team Facilitation

Maximize team potential through skilled facilitation, ensuring effective collaboration and communication within your teams.


Organizational Consulting

Transform your organizational structure with our consulting services, aimed at optimizing team dynamics and accelerating product delivery.


Customized Workshops

Engage in our tailored workshops that utilize innovative techniques like Liberating Structures to foster learning and growth.

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Agile Methodologies Mastery

Delve into the world of Agile with our comprehensive course designed for teams seeking to enhance their project management and adaptability.


Kanban Strategy Essentials

Master the Kanban methodology to improve your team’s efficiency and workflow with our focused training program.

Leadership in Agile Environments

Enhance your leadership skills with agile principles to lead high-performing teams effectively in any organizational setting.

What Our Clients Say

‘The leadership training provided by this team was transformative for our organization. The practical, hands-on approach helped us implement agile practices that have dramatically improved our workflow and delivery times.’ – Emily R., Tech Startup CEO

‘As a recent graduate of the Agile Kata Pro course, I can confidently say that the teachings have deeply influenced my professional outlook and capabilities. The blend of scientific thinking with agile methodologies was eye-opening.’ – Mark T., Project Manager

‘The personal coaching sessions have not only improved my skills as a scrum master but have also taught me valuable life lessons on leadership and team management. I am now much more effective in my role, thanks to the insightful and engaging training sessions.’ – Sarah J., Scrum Master

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