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Thanks for stopping by, we’re glad you’re here and want to know a little bit more about JimSparks.co. The origin of our company began not just with a desire to provide stellar service to everyone we work with, but also out of realizing our customers need for an honest and completely effective design and development company.

Our founder, Jim Sparks (that name sound familiar?), has been in the IT business for nearly seven years and has worked in customer service for over thirty years. In that time, he realized that there is a void in customer satisfaction within the IT industry. Our customers don’t want to worry about where or how their website is hosted, when their domain will renew, why their website is slow, or how their next email marketing campaign is structured. They can leave all of that problem solving to us while doing what they do best: successfully running their company.

Jim, as well as our whole team, aims to provide a service where honest, simple, and effective design and development can exist while performing flawlessly alongside a powerful digital marketing strategy. We’re proud to support our customers with a unique service offering that extends into the fields of design and development, domain and hosting, support and maintenance, and digital marketing services. This allows us to cover all of our clients’ digital bases and ensure the seamless integration and operation of their website along with a strong and aggressive marketing strategy. Whether you’re a small business run from a laptop, a growing company whose website is overwhelmed with new customers, or an established enterprise, we’re proud to offer an array of services that make your life easier.

JimSparks.co was born out of a genuine desire to take care of everything digital, while our customers take care of their customers and products. With this premise, we have a focused mission to give our customers the opportunity to do what they do best while leaving their digital weaknesses to us. We’ll do what we do best, while you do the same.


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Design Methods

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Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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A little about Jim.

We are based in Miamisburg, Ohio. We live local. We shop local. I love to be able to help local small businesses establish and grow their online presence. I take a lot of pride in what I do and enjoy going above and beyond to make raving fans. I love superheroes, my kids, my dogs, and my wife. Not necessarily in that order. I’m pretty much an open book. Let’s grab a coffee, tea actually, and chat.